Aye Kandy is a contemporary, youthful, and Men's Urban Clothing brand launched in May 2014. It came about from a group of friends on a night out in February, as we had recognised a gap in the market between low end, and high end big brands. So, we wanted to do something ourselves that was fun, innovative and Aye Kandy was born.

We have various backgrounds in expertise, from business to design. So, we feel we can give our customers the ultimate online shopping experience whilst producing premium quality products at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on attention to detail when it comes to Streetwear.

We’re very proud of our Scottish roots, and we wanted to create a recognised brand name to identify this, and where people will remember our name. We want you to get noticed, stand out from the crowd, and stay trendy.

We’ve already grown at a rate of knots, and this is just the beginning for Aye Kandy. So, it’s time to get noticed.